Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing system. It means ‘universal’ (rei) ‘energy’ (ki) it is simple, profound, gentle and non-invasive. It soothes, calms, relieves pain and disease and releases emotional trauma – past and present.

When we are upset, angry or suffer disease or injury, energy can become blocked in and around the body. If not dispelled, further disease or disharmony results. Reiki makes the body’s molecules vibrate at a higher intensity, dissolving the energy blockages that create disharmony and disease.

Reiki is very safe and very gentle. It involves lying (fully clothed) and relaxing while Jo places her hands just above your body, at energy centres. The energy is channelled through the hands of the practitioner to the individual.

Anyone can benefit from reiki, at a ny time. You don’t have to be ill or inured. You can have an hour or even half an hour to lift the energy systems and boost the spirits.

30 minutes £30
60 minutes £50