The things that hold you back can often start with you. Your body listens to the messages from your mind. Change how you look at things – and things change.

That’s where I can help.

From releasing blocks and motivating you to lose weight, to dissolving stress and anxiety, fears, phobias and pain, to becoming pregnant, to experiencing a calm painless childbirth, to coping with difficult emotions, resolving heartbreak, or finding new love – hypnotherapy and EFT (emotional freedom techniques) offer fast, enjoyable ways to release the past, love the present, and create the future experience you deserve.

For 20 years, I’ve been helping people tap into their own innate power and body wisdom and intelligence. Experiencing is believing!

Remember. There is nothing more important than this moment. Use it wisely!

Want to know more?

Do call me for a confidential chat or email me at jorawlinson999@gmail.com

Here are just some of the areas I can help with – click on each to find out more

Weight Loss
Stop Smoking
Fears and Phobias

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