I am a natural sensitive and empath, sensing beyond the ‘ordinary’ world and aware of spirit as a child.

My training and development has taken 30 years, and continues – we can never stop growing and learning. I’ve studied with remarkable people and reputable institutions over that time – The Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, The College of Psychic studies, NFSH Belgrave Square, local Spiritualist Churches and during my travels all over the world.

I learned Tarot in London, meditation with monks in Thailand, Reiki levels I, II and Karuna Reiki for deep seated emotional issues, hypnotherapy, psychology, eft and NLP at the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, London and Hypno-fertility and Birthing methods with Harley Street specialists.

I’m privileged to be able to connect with people on a deeper level, offering intuitive insight, healing and guidance into healing and wellbeing and communication from loved ones in spirit.

I love teaching and often run workshops, helping others to discover their own extra ordinary abilities – something that has been lost as we rush about in life, not taking the time to tune into our own innate wisdom. The result is fear, stress and disconnection.

I feel now is a powerful time to claim that power back.

I am deeply grateful for my abilities and understanding, and for all those I meet along the way, helping me grow. Teacher is always pupil.

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