Welcome to getting unstuck, dissolving fear and dis-ease, and living life fully!cropped-img_4944.jpg

Jo is a spiritual facilitator, holistic therapist, medium and healer.

She specialises in creating harmony in mind and body, for happiness and health.

When the mind and emotions and energy centres are out of whack, it manifests in the body. That’s what dis-ease is, after all.

By discovering the underlying thought processes, emotional and energetic blocks, dissolving them and installing new attitudes and behaviours, the bodymind can heal and you can move forwards with ease, peace and wellbeing,

After 20 years in practise, Jo has devised a unique approach using a combination of hypnotherapy, Intuitive counsel, EFT, Reiki healing, flower essences, meditation, regression and energy techniques to transform negativity into healthful happiness.

‘Your mindset affects every relationship you have –with others, yourself, your body and your experiences. Why wouldn’t you prioritise it?’